About Us

About Us

Therapeutic Optometrists

We are a dedicated eye care team based in Abilene, TX. To provide only the highest quality of care to all our patients, we offer an attention to detail that you’re not going to experience anyplace else. Lone Star Eye Associates is home to the leading eye doctors in the Abilene, TX area. When you need the expert, therapeutic services of a general optometrist, choose the professionals at Lone Star Eye Associates.

Professional Vision Care

Our two great locations in the Abilene Mall on Buffalo Gap Rd. and inside the Walmart on Southwest Drive allow us to better serve our patients in the Abilene, TX area. We truly value our patients, and we work hard to provide quality and professional services so that you get the crystal clear vision you need and deserve.

Edmond J. Carson, O.D., and Rama R. Carson, O.D., are two of the most experienced and compassionate general optometrists in the area. Optometry is concerned with the care of the eye, including vision correction and the diagnosis of certain eye diseases. Our background in eye medicine helps us to make the proper diagnosis after your eye examination, but it also allows us to prescribe glasses and contacts to correct your vision. We are local eye doctors who give patients the attention and service they deserve.
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